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Studentbox is a great platform that assists in increasing your chances of furthering your studies and achieving your full academic potential. 

  • Start by registering as a Student. Tell us about your preffered sector and industry field choices.
  • Studentbox analyzes your full profile. The more detailed the profile; the better your chances of being added on a funders' watchlist.
  • Student should make sure the report section is always up to date; as the system uses that as a core criteria for funders. You can also search the site for funders and add them on your wishlist. Students are then alerted when a funder has chosen him/her.

Once registered, students will be assigned a unique id tag; that tag is the one that is visible to the funders not eg. name, surname. Personal information will not be shown to funders.

Yes, the system vets all student profile fields and matches them with funder criteria. Alerts and recommendations are then be sent to potential funders who are a match.

Getting Funded

A funder has access to all student profiles. Funders create criterias and if you are matched; they may choose to fund you.

  • When chosen for funding, the system will a message entailing the criteria needed to release those funds to student.
  • Student must meet the criteria during the academic year and the results.
  • If criteria is met, funds are released to your university/college where you will be furthering your schooling.

As a student, you choose your intended industry of work  after school and sector thereof; these are one of the filters to use to find funders in those industries or who wish to fund students interested in those same industries as well.

Enjoy higher visibility with the added status of having a top-rated profile. These are active profiles that are kept up-to-date at all times making sure funders can easily search and find it.

Escrow is a third party that holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. In this case, funds will be intact until end of year when the chosen student meets the criteria set by the funder; once funder approves that the criteria is met; funds are released to that students’ university/college account.

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