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What is Studentbox

A resourceful platform that provides students with direct access to companies and organisations that are keen supporters of the youth skills development mandate.

How does it Work?

Students in grade 11/12 or just finished University, you can sign up for free; fill in your profile with as much detail and pass your finals.Thats it!, we will handle the rest.

Free Forever

This platform is solely to assist students further their education and grow their skills in various sectors. Registration will forever be free; all you need to do is sign up.

Unlock the power of Education

Some of the features and benefits once you register.

Quick Setup

Create and setup your student account in minutes and start boxxing.

Insightful Reports

Run reports and get critical insight on your academic perfomance.

Sector Targeting

Select your desired sector of work and prospective funders can discover you.


Once registered, get to see who is interested in funding you and on what terms.

Automated Reminders

Set goals and tasks with timelines and receive periodic remiders to help achieve.

Sector News

Receive constant sector news on career advise, opportunities, guidance.

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